If you need to ask, you'll never know, but if you know, you need only to ask.


A body is more than the sum of it’s parts

You are more than your thighs touching or thighs not
You are more than your scars, a few or a lot
You are more than your curves and trouble zones
You are more than your organs and your bones
You are more than your ankles and your wrists
You are more than your shoulders and your fists
You are a spirit, you are a soul
Your body is a vessel that takes its toll
You are more than the sum of your part
You are an individual who has a heart

I haven’t been on eating disorder tags in a while, and I feel like a lot more people are recovering than the last time. Yay you guys! Hang in there, everyone.

sometimes when I eat I go on pro ana sites to make myself throw up so I don’t need to physically make myself purge.
fuck you pro ana people.

I hate that people don’t get there is more to an eating disorder than wanting to be skinny.

I atill appreciate that my thoughts are being heard I guess..kinda..I’m selfish :(

whenever I see someone reblogged/like a post or started following me I smile and am almost happy. BAM.
then I realize this means they are searching those tags and are struggling too.
then I go back to being sad.