If you need to ask, you'll never know, but if you know, you need only to ask.


One of my roommates met her roommate for next year.
She was saying how bad she feels for her because this girls’ roommates are both depressed and have anxiety disorders. One is an alcoholic, an the other is a recovering anorexic.
Ha. Thank goodnes she has no idea who she’s living with.

I welcome guns and knives to pierce my skin
I truly hope it doesn’t hurt my kin
I cross roads without looking either way
I desire something to take me away
I’ve got absolutely no fight left in me
Someone please come and make me your fatality

Starting to think there is a reason for everything

You know how sometimes we complain about the weather being cold?
When winters are mild for you, they’re likely mild for your neighbors (whether that be other states, or countries). Some of your neighbors’ economies may depend on cold winters. Tourist attractions, and relaxing vacation spots could rely on the cold to bring more people in, such as mountain resorts, or sight-seeing places (snow is fucking gorgeous). These spots employ large populations of people in some way or another. So when the winters are too warm, people don’t come, and people may start down-sizing their companies. So when it’s really cold for you, the thought of people keeping jobs on account of these cold months may be able to keep you warm, or if you’re not that sappy maybe the thought could make you bear it a little longer.

I don’t know why, but I really like the idea that the weather still has an effect on our livelihoods. Don’t get me wrong, I would rather everyone stayed employed, but it’s a refreshing thought that technology hasn’t quite taken us so far that we haven’t completely separated ourselves from the earth and “mother nature”, whomever that may be to you.