If you need to ask, you'll never know, but if you know, you need only to ask.


A body is more than the sum of it’s parts

You are more than your thighs touching or thighs not
You are more than your scars, a few or a lot
You are more than your curves and trouble zones
You are more than your organs and your bones
You are more than your ankles and your wrists
You are more than your shoulders and your fists
You are a spirit, you are a soul
Your body is a vessel that takes its toll
You are more than the sum of your part
You are an individual who has a heart


i don’t want to be a part of a college system where plagiarism is a worse crime than rape

Holy shit. I have never even thought of this. Stealing someone’s words is apparently more horrific than stealing someone’s body, mind, spirit and soul??

Hating while hiding

I will never understand posting comments on pictures, posts or videos that are negative to those involved. It’s one thing to share your opinion, which luckily is everyone’s freedom to do (at least in countries fortunate enough to have this right), but it makes no sense for your opinion to have little to do with the post and for it to just be negative for the sake of being hateful. Obviously this has been an issue for as long as so many have had access to the Internet and social media. It doesn’t seem to have an end. I watched a music video and a comment simply said “she looks fucking ugly”. What does that have to do with her art at all? You could have simply said you don’t like the song or even simpler said nothing at all. Constructive criticism is one thing, but exactly what purpose do comments like these serve? Why must we be so hateful to each other? Is your life really that lame that you get kicks out of putting other people down? Why would you feel the need to share an ugly opinion about someone you have never met and may not even read the comments? It seems like a waste of time to me, and it seems like the power and privilege of the Internet was wasted on anyone who uses this tool in such a way.
Honestly, it just seem foolish to toss around hate to people you never met and could be on the brink of a meltdown. Haven’t there been enough suicides for you yet? Hasn’t there been enough shit and hate for you?

Oh Captain, my Captain, our fearful trip is done.